C# to C++ Translator Release 24.2

Major Features


Minor fixes

  1. File::SetLastWriteTime now throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException if passed time is invalid.
  2. Path::GetTempFileName creates unique file now, not only generates file name.
  3. System::String indexer now throws IndexOutOfRangeException when index is out of range.
  4. CppSkipEntityAttribute now applies to structures.
  5. Added basic System::Activator support.
  6. Translation for Color.IsNamedColor property is implemented.

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes


Download CodePorting.Translator.Cs2Cpp.Framework from NuGet

Open NuGet package manager, search for CodePorting.Translator.Cs2Cpp.Framework and install. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console. PM> Install-Package CodePorting.Translator.Cs2Cpp.Framework

Download Trial

CodePorting Translator Cs2Cpp 24 2

This is a full package of CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp which allows converting existing C# code to C++ Added: 2/16/2024
Download File Size: 188Mb

CodePorting Translator Cs2Cpp Framework 24 2

Contains library builds for all supported platforms (not required if you already have full package) Added: 2/16/2024
Download File Size: 184Mb

About CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp

CodePorting.Translator Cs2Cpp is a transpiler solution that can help you automate the conversion of C# source code to C++ in order to release the same version of the software for both languages without changing the APIs or code documentation. After converting the project, you need to compile the code while linking it to CodePorting.Translator.Cs2Cpp.Framework which is also available via NuGet.

Other Releases

- 2/16/2024
- 1/19/2024
- 12/20/2023
- 12/1/2023